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Coated aluminum coils

Coated aluminum coils

Coated Aluminum Coil refers to the aluminum coil through coating and coloring treatment generally includes PE coated aluminum coil and PVDF coated aluminum Coil

Class Description
.Substrates Aluminium (AA1100, 3003, 3004, 3105, 5006, 5052, 8011, etc), etc.
.Thickness мм 0.08-1.5mm
.Width мм <1800mm
.Coils core diameter 150mm ,405mm, 505mm, 508mm, 510mm
.Coating thickness PVDF >=25micron POLYESTER>=18micron
.Color standard E < 2 or it is not obvious by eyeballing
.Pencil hardness > 2HB
.Bend stength >100 times
.Coating adhesive not lower than first grade Impact: no any crack (50kg/cm, ASTMD-2794:1993)
. Corrosive surface deep in the 5% muriatic acid and 5% NaCL, interior deep in the 2% muriatic acid and 2% NaCL, after 48 hours, no change
.Boiling point: no any distortion and color change (in the 99 more or less 1 degree water, then cooling 2 hours)
Coated aluminum coil

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